Rover Crew

We recenly re-formed the 1st Caringbah Rover Scout Crew so are currently accepting new members who are ready to follow the tradition of our other sections and embark on an amazing journey of adventure, leadership and service.

Rover Scouts are for young men and women aged 18 to 25 years.

Rovers is a do-it-yourself mix of fun, adventure and personal challenge that will bring you together with other young adults who feel the same way.

At 1st Caringbah, we focus on getting into real adventure and valuable service to others so you may find yourself exploring Australia’s wilderness, building a community centre in Africa, helping the disabled try surfing, camping above the snowline or diving on coral reefs. You could be abseiling into a limestone cave or climbing a sheer rock face. Perhaps you’ll be learning canyoning, windsurfing, white water kayaking. kitesurfing or ride your mountain bike across real mountains. This is all possible with 1st Caringbah Rovers.

  • Leadership

Our Rover Crew is led by us Rovers together with an experienced leaders who act as Rover Advisors.

  • Joining

If you want to join us then please contact our Group Leader, Bob Head on 0417 485 505, or and he will point you to our Rover Crew Leader.

  • Meetings

Rover meetings take place on Tuesdays (except school holidays) during the normal school terms and run from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at miscellaneous locations around Caringbah but we are based in the Scout Hall in North Caringbah on Cawarra Road.

  • Activities

The Rover Scouts create their own program with emphasis placed on getting outdoors and adventurous so as to expand their comfort zones, stretch their limits, build self esteem and confidence and enable them to face life’s challenges.

To name just some of the activities we have planned in the upcoming years, we plan to enjoy canyoning, trekking, ski-ing, snow boarding, snow caving, abseiling, sailing, stand up paddle boarding, windsurfing, gliding, surfing, rafting, kayaking, caving and rock climbing. As well as head to Africa in Jan 2015. Check out our plan below:



  • Rover Scout Award Scheme

Every Rover Scout is encouraged to strive towards the various badges and awards that is available. Completing the Award Scheme and Duke of Edinbugh scheme is a great achievement.  Add the Duke of Edinburgh Gold or Baden Powell award to your resume or CV and have the adventure of a lifetime! For more information about the Scout Award Scheme, click here to visit the Scouts Australia website.


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