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A taster of some of the FUN to come.

Venturer Scouts Annual Surf Camp – January

The Venturer Scouts typically kick off each year with the first camp of each year with a very chilled surf camp on some NSW beach.  They usually enjoy lying in hammocks, surfing, windsurfing, wake boarding, waterski-ing and windsurfing and much more besides.


Group Family Camp – March

In March of each year all the 5 sections get together with their families to enjoy a large camp usually within 2 hours of Sydney.  We always have a great campfire sing a long and there is usually some fun activities to enjoy too.


Venturer Scout Annual Flying Course – April

Many of our Scouts and Venturers will get a chance to fly the light aircraft themselves before the instructor lands it back on the grass strip. Adventurous stuff. 2 of our Venturer Scouts completed their flying course this year.


Venturer Scouts Annual Dragonskin Leadership Competition – April

We genuinely believe in the Aim of Scouting ” to encourage the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and character development of young people so that they take a constructive place in society as a member of their local, national and international community.”

This said we put  emphasis on developing the leadership skills of our Venturer Scouts to a very high standard and this competition provides a good opportunity to determine how well the training and developing is as compared to between 700-1000 Venturer Scouts from all over Australia.  We have had many teams have a lot of FUN and most importantly done their best which has resulted in them winning the coveted first place for the last  4 years

2015 Winners


Scouts at Scout Hike Competition

This camp is a lot of FUN and develops our scouts leadership, team work and map reading skills skills in a very similar format to Dragonskin for Venturer scouts.  Each activity is scored and winners are announced at the end of the weekend camp.  This camp is hosted by Syndey North and we have enjoyed taking this trophy from them in 2010 and 2014 🙂

Venturer Scouts Annual Survival Camp

Each year the venturer scouts head out to a remote private farm to be tested and developed for a long weekend.  We go with very limited food and have to forage for ourselves with minimal equipment.  It is actually the best camp ever of many of our venturer scouts past and present

Family Snow Camp – July

All our sections head out to enjoy the snow.  Our Venturer Scouts/linking scouts typically head off on their own adventurous camps including downhill skiing/snow boarding plus igloo building, snow caving, snow shoeing, cross country ski-ing and the very popular night skiing.

The younger sections and families traditionally head away en masse for downhill fun in the Snowy mountains.  Below are some pics to give you an idea of the FUN to come!

Scouts Annual NSW State Rally – August

The Scout section has significant focus on developing the leadership, team work and sense of fun in their scouts.  These skills are tested in a very definitive manner each year when they do their best by competing between 600 and 1000 scouts from all over NSW.  Like the venturer scouts our best has proven to be pretty as we have won this competition in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014

Annual Boree Regatta – October

All our sections love this camp which combines FUN, skills development, adventure and mateship.
Events vary from simple games for the 6 year old Joeys up to wake boarding, waterskiing, beach parties, raves, home made kayak construction for the Venturer Scouts.

Family Bush Camp – November

Each year the scout section invites all the other sections and their families to enjoy some rougher camping in a bush setting usually with a drop toilet and in a wilderness setting.

Annual Venturer Scout Water night – December

The Scouts ALWAYS enjoy this night. This year we will have all our favourite water sports toys to play with like the sea biscuits, the Sumo Tube and BIG Banana.   It’s going to be a blast. Check out pics from a previous session below:


Australian Jamboree – every 3 years

An Australian Jamboree is the biggest and best event for Scouts (10-14 years old) in the Australian Scouting calendar… so big in fact, that it only runs every three years! The 2016 Australian Jamboree (or AJ2016) is the 24th Australian Jamboree, where over 12,000 Scouts will converge on a location somewhere around Australia to camp for 2 glorious weeks of fun, fantastic adventure and friendship. Australian Jamboree’s will be held in January 2016, 2019 and 2022. Check out the promo video for the 2016 Jamboree below


Australian Venture – every 3 years

An Australian Venture is the major National youth event for the Venturer section of Scouts Australia. You get to meet other Venturers and Guides from all over Australia and around the world.  For 10 days you will visit different areas of South Australia, try out activities and challenges you may have never dreamed of doing, and make friends for life! Upcoming Australian ventures will be held in January 2018, 2021 and 2024. Check out the promo video from the 2015 Venture below

New Zealand Venture – every 3 years

We usually have a very large contingent of over 20 Venturers head to New Zealand for what is often cited as the most adventurous venturer scout camp in the world.  Check out the photos from the last NZ Venture – happy days.  Upcoming New Zealand ventures will be held in January 2016, 2019 and 2022.


Rover Scout Crew Plan  

As so many of our Venturer Scouts reach 18 and Rover age, we have put together an awesome program setting out our plans to serve others, travel the world, do amazing adventures and so much more.  Check out the plan below

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