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Venturer Scout White Water Rafting – Nov ’11

1st Caringbah Venturers headed out to the Olympic White water Stadium to enjoy an evening of awesome high adrenalin white water rafting.  Well done Caitlin Crowther and Rafiki for organising it


Cubs Ice Blocking – Oct 2011

Here is a cool movie of our Cubs Ice blocking at Alcheringa Scout Hall




Venturer Scout Survival Camp – Nov ’11

1st Caringbah and 1st Lilli Pilli Venturer Scouts headed out to a secret location to take on their first survival weekend.  Crowther coaches very kindly drove us to this “secret location” which turned out to be a bush camp location at Carrington Falls, 2 hrs South of Sydney.  The Venturers enjoyed and endured a weekend of living on rice and having to earn better food through challenges, sleeping under bivvy sheets with no bed rolls, plus lighting fires with fire steel, steel wool, magnifying glasses, rubbing sticks together.  They swim races and did underwater breath holding in icy cold waters and humanely and respectfully catching and preparing chickens for dinner. All in all a great weekend. THANKS Moose and the rest of the leaders for organising such a great camp.