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ANZAC Day Services – Apr 11

With ANZAC day falling into the school holidays and during the Venturer Dragonskin Camp, 1st Caringbah Scout Group’s attended ANZAC Day Services all over NSW! Here are some pics from the local Caringbah service and the Gerroa service (attended by the Clarks and Beauchamps). The 12 Venturers also attended a service with 800 other Venturers in Belanglo state forest. If there are any other 1st Caringbah families with pics of their youth members at ANZAC services then please send to your leader to add  to the web.

Venturer Dragonskin Camp – Apr 11

Twelve 1st Caringbah Venturer Scouts headed South to the Belanglo State Forest over the Easter long weekend to join over 813 Venturers from NSW and ACT to enjoy 4 days of initiative/leadership activities, hiking, live bands, making new Venturer and Ranger Guide friends, velcro wall jumping, horizontal bungee, crate stacking, bush camping, cooking for themselves and having FUN.

WELL DONE all 3 teams on their great participation on your first experience of “skin”. Their results out of 160 teams were Laura/Megs/Caitlan/Jess Ja 44th, Nath/Matt/Chris/Mitch 36th & Jess Ju, Viv, Jordan, Cam – 9th. The best place a 1st Caringbah Venturer team has achieved since records are available (1999) is 42nd so you did VERY well. Also well done to Nath, Jess and Megs who independently organised their teams for this event.

Until next year.

Venturer Windsurf Expedition – Apr 11

5 Venturer Scouts from 1st Lilli Pilli and 1st Caringbah headed 2.5hrs North to Lake Macquarie for their Venturer Award expedition. The Venturers windsurfed 48 km over 2 days and camped overnight at Kanangra Scout campsite at Nords Wharf.  This camp was completed without any adult assistance throughout the 2 days and overnight camp. The first day saw some very light winds to the point where they had to lie down and paddle.  Then they enjoyed delightful downwind reaching conditions on the afternoon of day 1 and fantastic sunset at night.  Day 2 was a different story with some tough upwind beating over 24 km and they had to cut the expedition short by 2 hrs due to the wind picking up over maximum allowed 11 knots (unassisted without a support boat.  This expedition comes after a cumulative 650hrs windsurfing lessons for all the venturers and scouts through this Summer with all these Venturers having achieved level 2/3 and trainee instructor. Happy days

Scout Power Karting Night – Apr 11

The Scouts and parents headed to St Peters for one of the highlights of the year – POWER KARTING. Joel was the fastest scout of the night and it has to be said “everyone” had fun