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Cub Family Hike – Nov 2010

Cub Family Hike along Curra Moors Track RNP on Sunday 28th November,2010

About 15 Cubs and Joeys with their parents enjoyed a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, bushwalking in the Royal National Park!

We headed off about 2pm on a very easy track which lead to us to the most magnificent view, looking down onto Garie Beach and the coastline.

Along the way the Cubs and Joeys found some beautiful wildflowers and always a good walking stick.

We all enjoyed the refreshing shower of rain along the way back, as well as Snowy showing us all how to cook up a warm cappuccino.

Fun afternoon had by all !!

Carolyn “Wallaby” Hutton

Venturer Scouts start Windsurf Course

We give you a video of the Venturer Scouts at the very start of their Windsurfing Course commenced in Nov ’10.  After only a few lessons they are coming on great guns.  The course all goes towards their Venturer Scout Award Scheme and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.  More lessons and FUN times to come.  A special thanks goes out to all our qualified instructors who have been helping us, especially Adrien, Anne, Sam, John and Rhys.  Plus thanks go to all the 7 qualified boat handlers who have so kindly stepped in to man the support boat each week.  Lastly we thank Windsurfing NSW and all the individuals who have loaned us their beginner boards to teach our Venturers with – MUCH APPRECIATED.  Let Baggy know if you want to join the course

Bush Dance Fundraiser

Bush Dance Fundraiser

The 1st Caringbah Bush Dance Fundraiser is being held on Friday 10th Dec at the hall between 7-11:30pm and you need to buy your tickets fast from any committee member on any section night or at the door on the night.  Tickets are $15 each and BYO drinks and a plate to share. Remember to leave the youngsters at home as we will be enjoying adult company for the night.  Its going to be FUN and the cause doesn’t get better than our very own children!

Venturers Abseiling – Nov 2010

1st Caringbah Venturers headed down to Bangor to further develop their abseil skills ready for the upcoming Macquarie Pass Canyoning trip in December.  It was a fun and tricky spot to abseil down.  Thanks go to Scott, James and Barra for conducting another safe abseil.

Check out our 1st Caringbah facebook page for the banter behind the scenes

Group Bush Camp – Nov 10

1st Caringbah Scout Group attended Bush Camp at Bendeela in the Kangaroo Valley last weekend with Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Leaders and families  joining us.  We enjoyed temperatures in the 30’s, rope swings, kayaking, canoeing, talks by aboriginal elders, volleyball, a scouts own, wide games, sleeping under the stars, award scheme testing and learning 4 different ways to light fires without matches or a lighter.  A full report will be posted by Kooka on the web.  Check out our facebook page for more comments and FUN

Venturers Crazy Hair Bowling – Nov 10

1st Caringbah Venturers headed down to Sylvania AMF bowling alley dressed in some ridiculous hairstyles to enjoy a night of 10 pin bowling.  Congrats to everyone for getting into the spirit of it and also to Doonas team of Vivien, Darcie, Jess and Cam.  Also congrats go to Vivien for achieving the highest score of the night wopping all in sundry (but the leaders were forced to play left handed!)  A great night had by all.

First Aid Course – Nov 2010

Fifteen 1st Caringbah Leaders, 10 Venturer Scouts, 4 Scouts plus 5 others from other groups invested a day in becoming or being re-assessed as qualified 1st Aiders. It’s a dry subject but Hugh and Anne kept us engaged with great delivery – THANKS.

Group Snow Camp 2010

Check out the new video we just made up of the group snow camp in August 2010.

‎1st Caringbah Venturers and Scouts headed out to the Snowy Mountains to enjoy a Snow Camp that will be remembered forever! We snow shoed up through the clouds close to Mt Kosciusko, dug ourselves some snow caves (whilst weathering a -16oC wind chill factor), slept in the snow caves, enjoyed a fantastic morning air boar…ding (so muc…h fun), snow shoed back down to Thredbo, joined the rest of the 42 strong 1st Caringbah group to ski and snowboard over the weekend, enjoyed some EXCELLENT night skiing and wrapped up with snow tubing. Sooooo much adventure and so much FUN. I’m really looking forward to the next trip! HUGE thanks to Bruce Easton as our Wilderness expert for coaching us so effectively plus Bridget and LeeAnn on our support team.  Baggy