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Venturers Coastal Walk – Aug 10

Our Venturers headed down to the Royal National Park for a weekend of fun.  We did the 27km Coastal Walk from Bundeena to Otford and were blessed with beautiful clear blue skies and comfortable 18oC conditions.  The scenery was truly stunning with the walk taking us along beach, traversing cliffs, crossing rivers, viewing the “Eagle Rock”, passing through the “snake pit”, “palm jungle” and seeing a brown snake, red bellied black snake, kookaburra and loads of other birds.  We also caught up with Badger at Wattamolla (note not “Wattamulla”) and 5 of the venturers enjoyed their investiture.  Due to the North Era campsite being booked out months ago we had to get a lift to the beautiful Bonnie Vale campsite where a number of our Venturers and leaders slept under the stars in 8oC – delightful.  Well done Nathan for organising the camp and the leaders for supporting. More photos to come soon

Ian Thorpe Visits 1st Caringbah Scout Group

1st Caringbah Scout Group was very lucky to have local Ian Thorpe head to our Scout Hall to promote the National Solar Panel Project. And our very own Duncan, Ronan, Caitlan, Johnny, Rachel, Amy and Bella got to meet him. Check out the photos and report on the Scouts Australia website at

Scout Group Fair – Aug 10

1st Caringbah Scout Group enjoyed holding an excellent scout fair for the local community, with a LOT of FUN had by all. The parents committee and especially Cathy Beauchamp did an amazing job and untold hours preparing everything for the day. BRAVO to all the cubs, scouts and venturers who worked hard setting up, walking the ponies, selling raffle tickets, face painting and packing everything up. The good news is we raised a substantial amount again topping last years figure. Thanks to all the local businesses that supported the fair in 2010 and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

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Venturers Tenting Night – Aug 10


Venturers enjoyed a night of “tenting” where the winning team had photograph taken of their tent in the most unique and original location.  The Vennies had to use their imagination, lateral thinking and confidence (to ask people if they can erect a tent somewhere unusual and photograph it).  In the name of “responsible risk taking” Matt added some smart rules like photos could only be taken with the permission of the owner or manager of locations, uniforms to be worn, teams of at least 4 vennies and not to be a risk to the public.  Great FUN for everyone. Plus a HUGE WELCOME to the 11 new venturers who started tonight – we hope you enjoy our Venturer unit.

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1st Caringbah Scout Fair -22 August

Come and join in the FUN and bring ALL your friends

This Fair isn’t just big its HUGE

Check out the video of 2008s fair for a taste of whats to come.
Rear of 6 Castlenau st, Caringbah
Amusement Rides, Carnival Games
Animal farm, Large obstacle jumping castles
Pony rides, Dodgem cars
Market stalls, Chair-o-plane
Showbags, Sizzler
Yummy food, Tea cups
Fairy floss, Giant slide
Snowcones, Boats
Wristbands can be purchased on the day for unlimited rides at $25.00 each.
Contact Cathy 0425260538 for more information.

Scouts NSW Rally – Aug 2010

Scouts NSW Rally – Aug 2010

1st Caringbah Scouts have just returned from NSW State Rally which is regarded as the biggest NSW competition leadership and initiative camp of the year, and we are delighted to say that 1st Caringbah Scouts made history by coming 1st,2nd and 3rd (from over 750 scout entrants and 150 teams) plus Jess Juretic became the first PL to lead a patrol to 3 consecutive team wins. And to top it all off Jess also took out the Best Patrol Leader (PL) of the State Rally.
We are very very proud that every single 1st Caringbah scout did their best and set out to have lots of FUN.
The patrol results for State Level were:
1st Place – Speedy Turtles – Jess (PL), Aaron (APL), Bridget, Kai, Oscar P
2nd Place – Kanga Nangas – Vivien (PL), Darcie (APL), Bethany, Emerson, Nick C
3rd Place – Team Tomato – Duncan (PL), Jake (APL), Maddie, Hayden, Caitlin
22nd Place – Cool Bananas – Cam B (PL), Thomas (APL), Megan, Laura, Ronan, Perry.
35th Place – Leaping Leopards – Kara (PL), Ellie (APL), Emilie, Oscar S.
Bravo and well done. All teams used the method taught by Baggy very well when we saw them on our activity. It goes to show that “being prepared” with a well thought out plan combined with some hard work and fun certainly works. The leaders are so very proud of all of the scouts we have at 1st Caringbah.
We also want to thank all the 1st Caringbah Leaders and Venturers that have worked with all the scouts over the last few weeks to polish their skills and also man the activities on our activity centre.
Salty (Ian Hall), Bluey (Jeff Stack), Kolo (Lynne Shepherd), Baggy (Jason Juretic), Nathan Leivesley, Chris Beauchamp, Matt Brown, Mitch Kemmis; a big Bravo for all your efforts this weekend with running the activity – it was great fun!!
We would like to also recognise a few other achievements, namely Oscar Sinclair, Oscar Peterson and Hayden Ward who joined in this camp even before they were invested. Your PL’s spoke very highly of you three – WELL DONE. Also Kara is our youngest PL and sadly she had to step out on the Sunday (much to her frustration) – we saw her perform exceptionally well on our activity using the leadership methodology (SMEAC) we taught her extremely well. Ellie Crowther stepped up to acting APL for this camp and then PL on the Sunday when Kara headed off – she too went great guns, keep it up.
Lastly a very special mention needs to be made to Baggy (Jason Juretic) who has personally put in huge amount of time and coaching with the PL’s and APL’s. This was his final scouting event that attended as a Scout Leader and we will farewell him and a number of Venturers next Thursday. Thanks heaps Baggy for all your efforts with the scout section over the years.
PS we appeal to parents and scouts to send any good rally pics in that you may have taken, Baggy was not the Rally photographer this year so we are short on action photos.

Cub Grey Wolf Hike – Jul 10

One of our Cubs William B led 4 of his fellow cubs on a Grey Wolf hike that he planned and executed on his own. Here is his report.

On Sunday 1 August 2010 I did my Grey Wolf bushwalk. I took Snowy and Wallaby (leaders), Callum, Eva, William H and Timothy. We walked the Curra Moors Track in the Royal National Park. I checked that everyone had their food, water, first aid kit and a jacket. We started the walk from Sir Bertram Stevens Drive and walked to the coast. The walk was 6 ½ km and took just over two hours. Luckily it was a nice, sunny day, but the track was pretty wet from the rain we have had. We walked downhill through bush to start off with, across a small creek, then up onto Curra Moors, where there was a wide track and it was very flat. We saw lots of grass trees, wattles, bottlebrush and other flowers. When we came to a fork in the track I used my compass and a map to check which direction to go in, and we also used Snowy’s GPS. We had lunch at a lookout at the top of Garie Headland before walking back. I used my first aid kit once for a cut finger.