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Scouts Swimming Night – Jul ’10

Some of 1st Caringbah Scouts headed to Sutherland pool for a night of fun games, underwater swimming comps (well done Thomas for winning that), Marco Polo, ring retreival (well done Darcie on winning that), award scheme swimming including treading water with PFD for 15 mins, treading water unassisted, swimming up to 200 m with 4 different strokes, identifying dangers in the swimming environments, rescue practice, swimming clothed and much much more. Very educational and a lot of FUN.

Again we are always looking for parents to join our parents committee to help keep this wonderful group firing.

Venturers Soap Swap – Jul 10

Our Venturers headed out on a “soap swap” in the local area around the scout hall. They started with a bar of soap per team and then knocked on doors asking for items to trade up with. The teams did well with one team ending with a remote control helicopter, another with a golf bags and toiletries and finally the winners ended up with a bedside cabinet and brand new 20 litre fuel can.
Well done Veggies

Venturers 4 Year Plan

For those that are interested, check out the 4 year plan our Venturer Unit created!
In recent unit councils, the 1st Caringbah Venturers were busy brainstorming what and when they want to do over the next 4 years and the attached images illustrate that plan. Thanks go to Nathan for documenting the plan and everyone for their input. It looks like they will have an excellent time enjoying adventure, friendships, demonstrating initiative, helping the community, learning new skills and of course having a stack of FUN. If anyone else thinks of any additional ideas, please let Nathan Leivesley (Unit Chairman) or Matt Brown (Unit Vice Chairman) know, so they can submit the ideas at the next unit council.
We place a lot of emphasis on the Venturers being self sufficient and independent but all these activities still need a lot of financial support so we ask that all parents who are not leaders please join the parents committee to help with the group fundraising. It is MUCH appreciated.
If you’re 13 or over we encourage you to join our facebook page to share your thoughts, comments, ideas and have fun with us.

Wipe-out Night – Jul 10

Back to scouts in Term 3 and we had a wipe out night which consisted of a range of skill games which included “Cross the Bridge” which was brilliantly constructed by Dingo, “Balance and Bash”, “Bubble through hoop”, and “Blow Table Tennis”.  The scouts worked in their patrols to compete against the other patrols through each of the games.  A lot of huffing and puffing was going on in the Venturers Den where the teams had to blow the ball over the opponents sideline.  Josetta proved a mighty tough opponent on the balance beam while everyone enjoyed climbing up and along the bridge.

Group Snow Camp – Jul 10

Group Snow Camp – Jul 10

1st Caringbah Venturers and Scouts headed out to the Snowy Mountains to enjoy a Snow Camp that will be remembered forever! We snow shoed up through the clouds close to Mt Kosciusko, dug ourselves some snow caves (whilst weathering a -16oC wind chill factor), slept in the snow caves, enjoyed a fantastic morning air boarding (so muc…h fun), snow shoed back down to Thredbo, joined the rest of the 42 strong 1st Caringbah group to ski and snowboard over the weekend, enjoyed some EXCELLENT night skiing and wrapped up with snow tubing. Sooooo much adventure and so much FUN. Full report (from Matt) coming soon. I’m really looking forward to the next trip! A BIG THANKS goes to Bruce Easton from Wilderness sports in Jindabyne who oversaw all safety aspects of this camp – he did an excellent job.  Baggy

Whale Watching – Jul 10

1st Caringbah Venturers and Scouts joined Captain Blue Tongue on his boat and his good friend (Anthony’s) boat to enjoy watching whales migrate North to warmer climes. This first weekend of July is notorious for having over 50 whales pass by Kurnell within 24 hrs and today did not disappoint with a fantastic experience for all those that attended.
Mother nature was kind to us with a balmy 16oC, small swell and no rain until we returned back to land. We were extremely lucky to see 9 humpback whales, 2 seals, a dolphin and all kinds of birds including an albatross, a tern, and many others.
Unfortunately even the small swell took its toll with Matt, Emilie and Ryan providing some great burley (right from the bottom of their stomachs) to attract the fish and birds .
A HUGE thanks goes to Blue Tongue for organising today and Anthony for giving up his precious time and boat for us today.
It was all REALLY good value for only $5 per person!
As always, we ask that all Scout and Venturer parents please become a leader or join our parents committee so we can keep our programming as brilliant as possible.

Group Fundraiser, Bunnings BBQ – Jul 10

Thanks to the parents and youth members who pitched up at Bunnings today to help raise funds for our group with a BBQ
As always, we ask that all Scout and Venturer parents please become a leader or join our parents committee so we can keep our programming as brilliant as possible.

Scouts Camp Courage – Jul 10

5 of our Scouts headed out to Appin for a week of back to basics camping fun, horseriding, blacksmithing, mountain biking, hot air balloon construction, first aid, emergency scenarios, canoing, abseiling, construction and so much more fun. Enjoy

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