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Cub Investiture – Jun 10

5 new Cubs were invested to the cub pack on Tuesday June 8th 2010

Cubs/Joeys at Region Camp – Jun 10

The cubs and joeys enjoyed their time at the Scouts and Venturers Region Camp

1st Caringbah in New Scout Poster

The new Scouts Australia promotional poster has just been released and we are lucky to have some of our own Scouts and Venturers starring on it; namely Alex, Sonik and Eleanor plus Vivien, Dunc, Cam and Darcie. 


Region Camp – Jun 2010


Over 40 1st Caringbah Venturers, Scouts, Cubs and Joeys headed down to Camp Coutts for 3 nights and a long weekend of brilliant sunshine, clear blue skies, sub zero nights, BIG camp fire flare ups, singing around the campfire, disco’s, movies, flying foxes and loads of other FUN activities.

The Venturers worked hard directing traffic, erecting the flying fox (took 1.5 days), then harnessing up the scouts for the flying fox and then some fun social time with the other 40 Vegies and our own troop. Mitch starred as the unit clown (check out the pics) whilst some downright hilarious moments were enjoyed with some impeccable timing by one leader who seemed to walk in at the most inopportune of moments J.

The APL’s did a sterling job within the Scout Troop leading their patrols through the weekend, great practice ready for when the PL’s head up to Venturers in the very near future.  Emerson, Ronan and Stephen kept morale very high collecting a big pile of fine needle branches to create a spectacular flare up which kept us lovely and toasty.  As always, Emilie led the singing with the most gorgeous voice.

Congratulations to Oscar, Harrison and Nick who entered the World Scout Association with an investiture on the Sunday.

The disco was a HUGE hit with some enthusiastic dancing (the photos do all the talking) and some pole tricks never seen before – Hamish was the king of this with his amazing horizontal hang trick.

Megs, Laura and Thomas became famous on one of the activities with a rendition of the “moose song” that the leaders of the activity said was the best song they had seen all weekend.  We want to see this one at the next campfire guys.

Cam B enjoyed his 14th Birthday and Venturers very kindly wheelbarrowed a 150kg rock to him as a gift and Darce gave him a tiara and other appropriate gifts J Wow how lucky is that boy.

BRAVO to those scouts who managed to do sooooo much camp craft badge work– Megs, Laura, Thomas, Caitlan and Kai.  Trust us, those skills will help you later in life – BRAVO

And thanks go to all the leaders who worked their butts off day, night and in preparation for this camp – BRAVO.  (As always, we would like a parent from every non leader family to join the parent committee to help keeping this all happening please – the return on our investment in time is very worthwhile.)

Well Region Camp was an excellent socialising camp and the next major Scout troop camp is the BIG ONE, State Rally, so get those activity application forms in fast.  Happy Days J

Jason “Baggy” Juretic

PS Can you please send through your good photos of this camp to Baggy

Cubs Pyjama Night – May 10

Tonight cubs had a pyjama party, with fun games and some boomerang work, followed by hot chocolates while Kaa told scary ghost stories.  Lots of fun, and lots of tired cubs!

Scouts – Fear Factor – Jun 10

Ours Scouts had an excellent night organised by Bluey.   Our Scouts were faced with many scary challenges including arms in the middle of dead animals, placing ones hand in boiling water, evading mouse traps on the finger, taste test of vile items and much much more.  11 scouts professed to nearly being sick during the nights challenges and rumour has it Ronan was sick! So much fun. If any other troops want a copy of this program, Bluey has this classic night fully documented.