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Scouts on TV Game – Apr 10

8 of our Scouts headed to Fox Studios yesterday to compete and be filmed playing The Pyramid game. They were up at 330am and at the studios for 5am before having make up applied (Dunc and Cam loved that bit – not!). They then competed on set whilst being filmed and the results unarguably proved “GIRL POWER” reigns! …Jess and Vivien, plus Kara and Leonie won their rounds and bags of prizes with Dunc/Cam just being pipped at the post. The whole program should be televised in July this year on channel 9 – well done guys

Joey Easter Party – Apr 10

Our Joeys enjoyed a night of Easter craft, egg hunting and badge work.


Scout Advanced Leadership Course – Mar 10

5 of our 1st Caringbah PL’s (Kara, Cam B, Viv, Jess and Dunc) headed out to the Blue Mountains to attend their Advanced Scout Leadership course together with 19 other scouts from all around NSW.
They were very busy with leadership coaching and exercises including on the Friday night, they were still putting up their tents at 1130pm only be awoken at 6am to head out on a hike past the Three Sisters and beautiful waterfalls.
One of the most powerful things they stated they learned was how to deal with disruptive behaviour in others.
One of the funniest things was seeing Duncan’s undies being flown from the top of the flag pole because they had been left out instead of being packed properly
Enjoy the pics.

Scouts TV Audition – Mar 10

Well it was a dash to FOX studios yesterday afternoon for 13 of our budding TV stars. We arrived a little late due to traffic which meant that our scouts were auditioned in a second batch of people.

Behind the scenes you can see that being on TV is not all glamour (actually it looked like a dungeon where we were walking and Emma and Kolo did not like some of the odors that were hitting the nose.

Anyway, our team had some fun playing pyramid and there were some funny word associations at times. I am sure that we will get some of you scouts through to the actual show itself – remember we are not quite sure what they are looking for personalities, appearance, knowledge, speed or something else – so if you didn’t make it don’t be too disappointed at least we had some fun on the day and you can still attend as audience participation when they are filming if you want to.

Here are some photos (PS the one of me hiding behind the pole is meant to show “the dungeon appearance” not like an elephant hiding in a fridge okay