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1st Caringbah in the Media – Feb 10

1st Caringbah in the Media

A whole stack of new photos of 1st Caringbah members are up on the Scouts Australia Website

Nathan L and Jasmyn from Kingsgrove

Jess, Nath, Chris B, Jake, Damo

Jess and Barra

Viv, Dunc and Luke

Kolo, Kara and Holly

Indira, Darcie, Bridget, Vivien, Jess, Kara, Leonie, Sonik and Ashok

Kanga, Ronan and Amy

Lorrikeet and Kathryn

Indira, Sonik and Ashok

Baggy, Chris B, Jess, Jake, Nathan, Cameron M, Lachy

Ronan, Maddy, Wallaby, Caitlan

Dunc, Nath, Jake, Trish, Thomas, Ryan, Taz

Emma, Rafiki, Jonathan, Bridget C, Jess

Indira, Bridget and Darcie


Cam B and Rod B

Lachy R silhouette

Jess, Dunc, Angus



Scouts Surfing Night – Feb 10

Our Scouts headed down to the Cronulla saltwater pool to complete their target badge water safety followed by an excellent time surfing, body boarding and body surfing in the beautiful 22oC ocean.  Excellent fun.

Venturers Water Night – Feb 10

Our Venturer Unit is underway and we enjoyed a night of watery fun with waterskiing, wakeboarding, knee boarding, paddle boarding, stand up paddle boarding, sailing and kayaking. We were joined by Georges River Venturers and Guides as well as some of our own Scouts linking ready to join us later in the year.
Unfortunately the wild Southerly and thunderstorm reduced us down to only one speed boat tonight but we still had a blast and finished with a nice hot BBQ in the warm rain .
Sorry we didn’t get any photos of the waterskiing but the camera would have got too wet in the rain.
A HUGE thanks to Bluey for putting a massive effort into organising the night.

Scout Waterski/Wakeboarding Feb 10


Our Scouts headed down to Lilli Pilli for a night of waterskiing, wakeboarding and kayaking fun and what a delightful night it was with 23oC water temps and a balmy warm night.
The 13 and 14 years olds ripped it up on the wakeboards and waterski’s behind 3 speed boats while our younger scouts took a ride in a speed boat and enjoyed honing their kayak and canoe skills.
An ENORMOUS BRAVO to Bluey for bringing this logistically intense night together and thanks go to Guy and Peter for kindly captaining their boats for us and giving many scouts a once in a lifetime experience. Final thanks go to Kooka and Kolo for ably managing the BBQ.

1st Caringbah on ABC News


Check out this footage Sonik found.

It is the ABC Breakfast News coverage whilst we were on AJ 2010.

Play the video and at 1min 40 seconds and you will see a younger version of Jess, Kara, Cam B, Kooka, Leonie, Bridget and Darcie whilst at the Centenary event at the Opera House.