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Scout Australian Jamboree 2010

This is it.  This was the BIG ONE, the one we have been waiting and working towards for 3 years – the 22nd Australia Jamboree 2010 and WOW it was excellent, probably the Summer of our life!

 1st Caringbah sent a whopping 29 scouts and 8 leaders on this camp which accommodated 13,000 scouts from around the world and enjoyed fantastic activities including:

o Circus skills

o Bush tracking and navigation

o Flying and gliding at the nearby Scout Air Activates Centre and Camden Airport

o Water slides

o Pioneering and adventure sports skills

o Video making

o Trade skills

o Entertainment, including night parties and rock bands

o Sydney City visits

o Water activities on Sydney Harbor


Other interesting facts are:

·         The Jamboree was Australia’s 35th largest small country town for a two week period.

·         The camp was the size of 160 football fields

·         The camp was made up of 1,500 six person tents, 10 internet cafes, and 325

temporary structures, including two stages. It was complete with its own shops,

hospital, Westpac branch and ATMs, police station and fire service

·         The camp had its own fibre optic broadband network, supported by technology

donated by Cisco, to run the intranet, Internet and VoIP communications

·         Over the two weeks, 1,000,000 slices of bread were consumed, along with 140,000

litres of milk, 214,000 pieces of fruit, 120,000 sausages, and 130,000 lamb chops

We had a blast and photos of 1st Caringbah enjoying the action can be viewed above


4 Scout Medallions Awarded

Hi All

28 Scouts and 7 leaders are currently having a ball at the 22nd Australian Jamboree at Cataract Park and today was a very special day with four (YES FOUR) of our Patrol Leaders being presented with the coveted Australian Scout Medallion Leadership Medals by the NSW Scout State Commissioner – Phil Crutchley.

It was fantastic to see our 2 year plan come to fruition and the Scouts enormous efforts being recognised like this and we all pass our thanks on to all the leaders and parents who did so much to help these scouts learn life skills that will last them a lifetime.

An article on the presentation is available on the AJ2010 website here (and is pasted below in case the article is taken off line sometime) Apparently, the media guys are also trying to get an article in the Sydney Morning Herald so keep checking the paper!

And Chris and Duncan were recognised at their school too.


Jason “Baggy” Juretic


1st Caringbah Australian Scout Medallions

A special ceremony took place this week at the Australian Jamboree, being held from 4 – 14 January at Cataract Scout Park, when four Scouts from 1st Caringbah Group were awarded the Australian Scout Medallion.

Sonik Patel, Chris Beauchamp, Duncan Clark and Jessica Juretic    , all aged between 13 and 15 years, have been members of Scouts Australia for a number of years and between them have committed considerable time to achieve this award.

As he presented the medallions, Phil Crutchley, NSW State Commissioner for Scouts, said, “Not only is this a great achievement but to have four youth members awarded at the same time from the same Group is a rarity.”  He went on to say, “The success of these Scouts could not have been achieved without the involvement of the Troop Council and the support of the parents and Leaders.”

The Medallion is awarded following the completion of years of work as part of the Scouting Award Scheme and is the outcome of the demonstration of leadership skills, pre-planning and event execution, and a strict evaluation process by assessors.

When asked his best memory of the last few years of work toward the Medallion, 15 year old Sonik said, “The weekend Challenge Camp I organised in the Blue Mountains with fifteen Scouts.  It included a 7km hike and caving at Jenolan Caves.”  He went on to comment, “There is a lot to remember about leadership and mutual respect is one of the most important things.  If you don’t respect the people you’re leading you won’t get very far.”  Sonik is also a Cadet so with Scouts and school his life is pretty much filled to capacity.

Chris believes, “The most important quality of a leader is to be prepared.  This is also the Scout motto so we’re always pretty organised.”  As part of his Medallion work Chris, 14 years, organised various overnight activities and fundraising for the Guide Dogs Association.

When asked what he believed the most important quality of a leader is, Duncan, 13 years, said, “Trust.  You need to trust others to encourage them to trust you.  Without trust a leader is not going to be successful.”  One of Duncan’s key activities was a 30km hike with six other Scouts in the Royal National Park.  “It took two and a half days and was a long way but it gave you a good feeling to complete the distance,” he said.

Jessica, also 14 years, talked about two memorable activities as part of her Medallion.  “I arranged a second hand clothing stall to fundraise money to help bring Scouts from Vanuatu to the Australian Jamboree this year.  They’re here now and we’re really proud to have helped with that.”  She also led a Blue Mountains hike and said, “Knowing and planning your exit points is very important in hiking.  You have to know your point of no return.”

Family, friends and Leaders were very proud to be able to witness the awarding of these Medallions.  More than one parent had a tear in their eye to see these impressive young people achieve something which they had set out to do.

The additional significance of this prestigious award is of the more than 22,000 Scouts in Australia there has been only 150 recipients of this award since its inception in 2003.

Sonik, Chris, Duncan and Jessica will be attending Government House in April where they will be presented with an official Certificate from Professor Marie Bashir, Governor and Chief Scout of New South Wales.