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Cub Pack Photo – Dec 09

Here is a a few photos of the 1st Caringbah Cub Pack

Scout Troop Photo – Dec 09

Below is a photo of our troop with only 1 leader and 6 scouts missing

Scouts Gliding – Dec 09

20 of our Scout members headed down to the Scout Air Activities Centre in Camden to enjoy the world of gliding.

We flew up to 4000feet in the motorised glider and then the engine was cut and the propellor feathered, ready for us to glide back down to Camden airport.  Many of us took the controls ourselves and flew straight and level or did turns on the way back to the airport.

And the end of the day we washed the glider down and pushed the glider back into its little garage ready for next time.

We had a great time and thank Bob the Gliding Wing Operations Manager and his pilots for their ground school coaching and flying us.  Quite a few of our scouts achieved their pioneer or explorer level air activities badges.

At this stage we have 5 scouts and leaders who have said they want to do the A certficate course in 2010 (Dunc, Damo, Nath, Taz and Baggy) so that they can learn to fly the glider and experience that awesome moment when the instructor steps out and leaves us to take off and fly a simple short flight solo in the $250,000 aircraft.  Man it’s going to be a lot better than learning to drive!  If any of Scout or Venturer is interested in joining us then let Baggy know at We plan to do a course in the July 2010 School holidays and again in the Sep/Oct 2010 School holidays.

Venturer Unit to be reformed

It is with great pleasure that we officially announce the reformation of the 1st Caringbah Venturer unit for youth aged between 14.5 and 17 yrs old.

Our first night will be Friday 5th Feb 2010 at our Castlenau Scout Group Hall – 7pm to 10pm.

Our plan is to enjoy a very adventurous program over the next 3 to 4 years which the Venturer members will plan themselves  together with help from our enthusiastic leaders.  It will be great to see these youth members independence and leadership skills develop as they continue to move from the virtual world of Xbox, playstation, TV and DVD’s and into the exciting real world of:

  • Canyoning,
  • flying solo in a glider
  • white water raft the Nymboida river
  • Hiking the historic 6 foot track
  • sailing,
  • kayaking,
  • rock climbing
  • windsurfing
  • parachuting/sky diving
  • attending world Jamboree in Sweden
  • Visiting Africa, climbing Kilimanjaro, building a community centre, visiting a game park
  • Attending the Venturer Camp in New Zealand to zorb, black water raft and much more

All the above are planned and not promised, it all comes down to whether our Venturers want to make it happen!

For more details, click here or paste the following into you url window

Frank Vickery Community Service Dec 09

Many of Joey’s, Cubs and Scouts headed out to the Frank Vickery retirement home to cook up a BBQ for the oldies, serve them dinner, clear away the table and chairs and then sing carols to them.

Baggy did a short speech on our Scout Group and the excellent state of Scouting in Australia and we were surprised when the oldies cheered after he said “As leaders, we are working hard to create programs that offer our youth members the opportunity to get away from the virtual world of X-Box, playstation, TV, and DVD’s and give them the real world experiences of gliding, powerboating, canoeing, waterskiiing, caving and rockclimbing”.  It seems the oldies were very pleased with this 🙂

We then headed outside for the Joey’s and Cub’s to enjoy a rough and tumble and then we all headed home.

It was great to do this community service and see the pleasure in the “oldies” eyes

Scout Banana/Sumo Night Dec 09

On Thursday December 3rd, 1st Caringbah scouts went to Lilli Pilli Scout Hall for a night of incredible fun and excitement.

The younger scouts went on the sea biscuit and the banana ski, while the older scouts tore it up in the long awaited sumo suit.

Worthy Mentions:

– Damo’s 720 degree spin in the sumo suit

-Thomas lying down on his back on the banana

-Darcie, Bridget, Nath and Damo for attempting to fit 4 people on a sea biscuit at once !

– Jess’ record time in the sumo suit

-Darcie and Bridget for turning the sumo suit into a submersible 🙂


Peter Bacon
Gee Michel
David James

And Blue tounge for organising the whole event!