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Scouts – Abseiling Heathcote Oct 09

On 25th of October 4 scouts participated in a patrol activity planned by Alex. The patrol activity involved abseiling off a cliff in Heathcote and to have completed their Abseiler Proficiency badge. All scouts did very well and they by the end of the morning had completed their badge. Even though it was raining we all had a lot of fun.

Joeys – Operation Christmas Child

Joey’s Help Children in Samoa!
Here is a picture of all the Christmas Boxes collected at St Phils,
including the many Joey Scout ones.

They are all going first to Meadowbank, to go in a big container there
and the container is being shipped to Samoa, in time for Christmas, to be
given to the children their who lost all their toys and even their houses,
in big floods.


Scouts – Challenge Camp Video

Check out the Challenge Camp Video – loadsa FUN

Scouts – Fishing 4 Guide Dogs – Oct 09

Chris B organised a Sponsored Fish to raise funds for Guide Dog Association of NSW. This was part of his Scout Medallion Leadership project.

Over 15 Scouts, cubs and leaders turned out to enjoy the balmy morning next to the Captain Cooks Bridge.

So you know……

The Australian Scout Medallion is the highest award in the Scout Section. It is considered the pinnacle of Scouting at this stage. To earn the Australian Scout Medallion a Scout must:

1. Participate in a Scout Leadership Course at any time after completion of the Pioneer Badge;
2. Demonstrate an active leadership role in Scouting;
3. Achieve the Adventurer Cord

Boree Regatta Oct 09

WOW, what an excellent Boree Regatta 2009 we had!

We headed to the delightful green lawns of Bonna Point, Kurnell for a weekend of water and land activities FUN with over 400 members from around the South Metropolitan Region.

Photos are available below (remember to enlarge the photo (click on 4 arrows) and then “show info”):

The highlights were deemed to be the rafting, the late curfew (for the scouts) and the opportunity to catch up with old and new scouting friends from around the Region. It was excellent to see so many of our scouts socialising with other groups.

We had a ball and our Scouts, Cubs and Joey’s did us proud with very good participation and doing their best. We broke our own previous record of 7 trophies (in 2007) by taking out 9 of the 18 trophies up for grabs. How amazing is that! And the Joey’s also did us proud with 5 first places. The cubs also starred with 10 first place certificates and the scouts scored 28 first places – a great achievement by all. With the depth of skills we have across all ages, it looks like we should continue gaining some good results in years to come.

The trophies 1st Caringbah gained were:
Cubs Ensign Shield – Boree Land events Aggregate score – Winners
Cubs Boree Regatta Gunnamatta Shield – Raft Construction and Decoration – Winners
Cubs Billie Green Trophy – Knotting Relay – Ronan H – Winner in 41 seconds
Scouts/Guides Kurranulla Shield – Boree Land events Aggregate score – Winners
Scouts Boree Shield – Boree Land events Aggregate score – Winners
Scouts Wanda Shield – Canoe All Ages – Winners
Scouts Burraneer Shield – Kayak All Ages – Winners
Scouts Port Hacking Trophy – Biathlon All Ages – Winners
Scouts Keith Holle Trophy – Knotting Relay – Jessica J – Winner in 28 seconds

This competition has been especially designed to develop the Joey, Cubs and Scouts skills across a whole spectrum of areas including teamwork, knotting, construction, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, fire lighting, cooking, camp craft and lateral thinking. From the trophies listed above, it’s great to see our youth members have these skills in spade loads and we know we still have a lot to learn too!

A HUGE thanks go to so many of our Joey, Cub and Scout leaders and parents who went beyond the call of duty to prepare, set up and pack up the camp and all the equipment needed for this event. There are way to many names (and I am too scared to miss someone out) to mention you all!

Hopefully Croc’s, Dingo’s and Bagheera’s voices will be back to normal ready for Scouts on Thursday!


Scouts – Green Cord Hike Oct 09

Duncan led a patrol of 6 scouts over 30km through the Royal National Park over the long weekend in an incredibly wet weekend!  There was more rain on the Saturday night than had fallen over the whole of August and September this year and our scouts lived to tell the tale.  Robert, Shaun, Trish, Ryan and Kara all did incredibly well to keep going in some very trying conditions.  Plus they became “temporarily unsure of their position” for a while and managed to do some bush bashing to independently get themselves back on track.  BRAVO one and all.

Scouts – Green Cord Hike – Sep 09

Chris B led and navigated a patrol over 30km through the Royal National Park in the last weekend of Sep to complete his green cord journey.  The intrepid patrol were Jake M, Aaron, Kyle and Cameron B.  They managed to weather the dust storms, gale force winds and keep clear of a HUGE brown snake (it took Jake a few hours to recover from that one 🙂 ) to arrive safely at Heathcote and Camp Coutts each night.

BRAVO scouts and we look forward to seeing you all achieve your green and blue cords with some comprehensive well thought out logs.