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Fair Sponsors – THANKS

1st Caringbah Scout Group would like to thank the following companies for their generous support:

Peter Baker ———– Optical

Smart Bags —— for donating 200 shopping bags.

Rockdale Office Furniture ———Table hire

Babies Galore ——— $1oo, $50 voucher

Best Fresh Caringbah ——- all the salad for the wraps

Kennards Hire Taren Point — Toilet hire

St George Printing —- printing of letter box flyers.

Jesters Fancy Dress —- Clown costume

Jesters Party Hire —–100 Balloons

Home & gift Warehouse — Ladies and Gents Watch set

Eckersley’s Art & craft —- Face paint & screen Printing Paint

Bali karma Taren Point —- Mosaic Bali Bowl

Caringbah Station Pharmacy —–3x bath & beauty gift packs

Health information Pharmacy —– Bath & beauty pack

Mercato Design ——— Candle

Port Hacking Newsagent —–5 x $20 vouchers.

Masterfoods ————– Tomato sauce,bbq sauce & mustard.

The luggage house ——-2 cabin bags , 3 back packs

Caringbah South Pharmacy—— sleeping bag.

Batu Bali Shop ——Statue

K B Toys ——- Toys

Frock Clothing & Accessories ——– Handbag

Clark Rubber ————-4 Cricket bat sets

Bova Pharmacy.


Beauchamp metal $250 for drinks.

Joeys going up & Cubs invested Jun 09

At the end of Term 2 2009 we celebrated another Joey going up to cubs
in the traditional 1st Caringbah way – climbing up the rope ladder and
into the waiting hands of cubs who had a party ready for her at the
top.  Yes it was Amy H’s turn to climb the ladder and being the part
monkey she is she made short work of getting to the top and finding
the party and the food.

A good time was had by all.  Joeys when will you be going up??

Also when we returned for the 1st night back at Cubs we performed 2
new investitures – William H (new cub) and Amy H (from Joeys) were
invested and are proud to wear their new cubs shirts and of course
belong to the best scouting group in the world – 1st Caringbah.


Cubs – CHOCOLATE – Aug 09

That was the party theme for the 1st day back in Term 3 2009 and by
the end of the night everyone was over chocolate (that has to be a
first for cubs doesn’t it).

We started the night with a knot tying competition which included
doing a clove hitch with a jelly snake and also a 2 cub one-handed
reef knot. Everyone improved their knots significantly!

Then we had a game of Malteser Athletics where cubs in their six relay
had to blow a malteser across the floor to their team mate until all
the pack had completed. That got rid of some hot air and helped clean
the floor (sorry parents about the dirty clothes).

Chocolate cutting was Wallabies favourite chocolate game where each
six got a family size block of chocolate and on throwing the dice had
to cut (with knife and fork – you see we even teach cubs good table
manners) the squares of chocolate and eat them before a six was rolled
– it then got passed to the next cub.

Now I have to say the desire for chocolate was starting to wane a
little however the 1st Caringbah Cub pack soldiered on – the final
game involved running (to burn some chocolate calories) around the
pack circle before picking up maltesers with chop sticks.

Then….more food – party pies, chocolate fudge, chocolate crackles,
chocolate sprinkles, chocolate biscuits and washed all down with Milo.

Hmmmm I think we cured them all of craving chocolate. A lot of cubs
went to a lot of trouble dressing in their favourite chocolate. Hope
you had a good night.

Special thanks to Wallaby for assisting with the planning and buying
all the food (even though she could not be there), and to Bridget and
Melissa for cooking and cleaning up so well.

Cubs Sutherland to Surf – Jul 09

The 1st Caringbah group attended the Sutherland to Surf event on Sunday the 26 July.

A large contingent of Cubs, along with some Joeys and Scouts assisted the racers by providing them refreshments in the form of a water station where runners and walkers could “drink it or wear it”.

The water was cold but the enthusiasm of the group was excellent.

Thanks Wallaby for organising it.

Scouts – Camp Courage 2009

Chris, Ryan, Aaron and Kyle headed down to Appin to enjoy 7 days camping with nearly 100 selected scouts from all round NSW and they did us proud.  The scouts sleep in patrols for the week with temperatures dropping below zero.  They partake in many educational and fun activities including axemanship, first aid, mountain biking, horse riding, hot air balloon building, woggle making, pioneering and many many other things.

And we are very happy to report that CHRIS B won a merit award for helping the leaders so much during the camp and RYAN was a member of the the patrol that beat all other patrols in a fiercely contested competition with points allocated for inspections, participation, winning races and many more.  BRAVO to all 4 of you.

Scouts visit UK Scouts – Jul 09

The Juretic family from our Scout Troop visited 15th Brighton Scouts in UK and had a great time.

We could tell we were in UK when we were met at the front door by Duncan the Group Leader who offered us a “cup of tea” and of course we accepted the offer 🙂

We had a very enjoyable night playing cricket, learning how to use trangia stoves and Jess and Jake managed to swap a few badges to boot.  THANKS go out to 15th Brighton Scouts who were such good hosts.  If you ever visit Australia, we would love return the favour.

Some photo’s of the night are below:

PS Jason’s ankle is getting better!