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Community Car Wash – Jun 09

Badger wishes to to thank all those, across all sections,  who participated today, as ‘washers’, having their own car washed, or as food servers.
Nathan, as the scout who  brought the project together and the leaders and a few parents  in particular put in a very great effort for long hours.

Some leaders’ efforts were exceptional and you know who you are.

Both the St Phils  and 1st Caringbah ‘discovered’ each other – to mutual advantage. The event helped make the church ‘Connect 09’ programme a reality and assisted a Vanauatu scout to get to the Jamboree.

BRAVO to all!!


Cubs Grey Wolf Hike – Jun 09

One of our Cub Scouts – Caitlin L relates her Grey Wolf experience below.

On Saturday morning around 7 o’clock Wallaby picked up Ronan and I as well as the rest of the team I picked for my Grey Wolf Walk.  We went in the car to Waterfall where we stopped and put our backpacks on to start the walk.  On the walk were Wallaby, Kaa, Maddie, William, Hayden, Ronan, and myself.  I took the lead with the map and we started down the hill.

The track was a little bit wet but not too bad.  We followed the path climbing down rocks and over fallen logs.  There were markers on the trees and in some places arrows painted on rocks.  We got down to the bottom and then walked across a little creek and got onto the trail to Kingfisher Pools.  The waterfall was running very fast.  We felt the temperature of the water and it was really cold.  We stopped at the table and had a snack before we set off again.  We then walked up a track to the Bubble Caves and on the way found some clay which we grabbed and made sculptures on the way.

We climbed up and around the bubble caves and got some photos and then went down to 1st Caringbah’s camp site at Camp Coutts.  It was region camp weekend and all the scouts were down there and on activities.

I had a lot of fun planning and doing the walk with all the people that came.  The best part is that I had fun with my friends and brought lots of clay to make things with.  The worst part was when William hurt himself at Kingfisher Pools but luckily not too severely hurt.


Joey Science Night – Jun 09

Joeys learning just how much fun science can be

Scout Green Cord Hike – Jun 09

For 8 months Jess has been planning a 3 day, 30km hike from Govett’s Leap to Mt Victoria in the Blue Mountains and this weekend she and 4 other scouts completed it with flying colours. The intrepid scouts who joined Jess were:

Kathryn S
Lachy R
Alex Y
Duncan C

This hike is the highest level journey for a scout and requires the scout to plan it, contact necessary authorities, lead it independently (adults only check on them once or twice a day) set emergency exit routes and complete a journey log to be assessed in a weeks time. They carried all their own gear and had to boil their water/use purification tablets.

They managed to complete the final 700m climb out of the valley to arrive at Mt Victoria 1 minute after the agreed time of 11am. Excellent work Jess and the whole team. Good luck with the log completion.

More photos to come soon

Scout Region Camp Coutts, Jun 09

On the 6th to 8th June long weekend, 36 of our 1st Caringbah Scouts and leaders headed down to Camp Coutts to join over 500 scouts from all over the South Metropolitan Region to enjoy a weekend of camping, completing different tests/activities, badge activities, rockin’ the disco, watching a movie, wading around in the mud, campfire and “flame ups”, meeting other scouts and generally having an EXCELLENT time.

The leaders were very happy with the scouts who got really involved, did their best and had a stack of FUN. A number of other troop leaders told us that they were impressed with our scouts skills (especially Darcie and Vivien’s figure of 8 lashing 🙂 ).

The camp awards went to:

Patrol of the Camp – Red Backs
PL of the Camp – Chris B
Best Overall Scout – Kiel R
Most positive Scout – Kara S
Most enthusiastic dancer – Leonie H

Many other scouts did well with special mentions going to (Nathan, Kara and Bridget – strong leadership). Aaron, Holly and Emilie (spelt correctly :-)) for great badge activity. Mitch, Nathan, Vivien and Darcie for great inter troop socialising. Robert’s Russian impressions. Kara for challenging the Venuturers for the right to stay on the dance wall :-).

Plus, it was great to have all the Cubs and Joey’s join us on the Sunday – we managed to get loads of photos of them too.

Lastly, thanks to all the leaders who did so much to make this camp happen. Kooka for leading the whole camp preparation, Kolo for organising the food and menu, Dingo for organising the equipment, Salty for sorting the trumpeter out, Blue Tongue for his impression of “Riff Raff” (from the Rocky Horror Picture Show), Taz for her co-ordination of the kitchen (and manning the camp fire until 230am 🙂 ) Gecko for helping with camp pitch/strike and Baggy for keeping the scouts busy.

Many of us missed 5 scout characters on a green cord hike – Jess, Dunc, Kathryn, Lachy and Alex – we REALLY look forward to having you back guys.

In the words our our illustrious Dingo, “at last we beat Camp Coutts”! Until next time.

Scout Canoe Camp Video, May 09

They’re coming thick and fast. Here’s a video (compliments of Nathan L) of our excellent canoe camp in March. Man it was great to go to such a beautiful remote spot. In the words of Jim Grant (Keiran’s dad) – “Happy Days”. 🙂

Scout 4th Kingsgrove Visit Video

Nathan L has been busy making these excellent videos. One of the visit to Kingsgrove can be viewed below. Enjoy

Newnes bush camp video – Nov 08

Check out the new Newnes video from Bush Camp. (Thanks for creating this Nathan L).