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Joey’s Help Caringbah Residents

Today the Joeys brought food to the hall to be collected by Rev Stefan Bull, senior minister at St Philips, for use in the community food programme for local residents going through very difficult times. Rev Bull thanked them all and pointed out that this was exactly what the Joey motto ‘Help Other People’ was all about.
Well done Joeys!!!

Cubs – Heritage Railway Visit – May 09

A wonderful day was enjoyed by all cubs and their families at Thirlmere Heritage Railway at Picton for Cubs Day Out! We all were able to experience a ride on a puffing billy steam train and lots of fun running amuck on all the various trains in the enormous train shed.

Scouts & Spider/Snakes – May 09

A GREAT night of spider and snake education including:
*How to avoid snakes and spiders
*What to do when bitten by a snake/spider
*Seeing a snake being milked
*Holding a HUGE python
*Seeing a tiger snake pooing 🙂

Considered becoming a leader?

If you think this all the activities we offer young people looks good then why not enjoy it more by helping!
Scouts Australia is always in need of active adults who can support healthy programmes for young Australians. Even the the adult training programmes are fun as well as educational. Please click on the LEADER link to see how you can become involved – and experience your own personal growth!

Parents Assistance Please

Hi Parents,

To keep all these wonderful activities happening, we need your support at the following event please:

Additional working bee, 8.00am May 31st
We even have parents from the Tai Kwon Do group joining us on this one! If you missed the May 3rd bee, come and join us on this one. Great cameraderie and a feeling of doing something really worthwhile for our Group. Please contact Laura 9531 7040

Bob “Badger” Head

Jamboree of The Trail – May 09

27 of 1st Caringbah Joeys, Cubs and Scouts participated in the JOTT 2009 event. Jamboree Of The Trail (JOTT) is a global event where all scout members around the world participate on the same day and simply go out on a hike.

1st Caringbah took the ferry to Bundeena and walked to Jibbon Head. It was a beautiful sunny day as we walked from the warf along Jibbon beach and then around to Jibbon Head. We observed the aboriginal carvings in the rock, as well as some locals in their natural form (Jack M could not stop laughing). The scouts and scout leaders set off to take on an additional 5km hike through loose sandy terrain (ask Kolo how her legs are) while the Joeys and Cubs took the loop track back to the beach where they took off their shoes and waded in the surf.

Everyone met back at the ferry terminal for our scheduled 5pm departure back to Cronulla.

Here are some photos of the day.


Scouts Visit 4th Kingsgrove

Our Scout troop headed to 4th Kingsgrove to make friends and see how such a successful troop ticks and we achieved just that. The photos tell the story! It’s a shame Duncan wasn’t there to make friends too, we all think he would have enjoyed himself. Great Fun and insightful.

Our Photos on Scouts Au Website

Check this out:

We have three 1st Caringbah photos (Jess, Vivien, Dunc and many of our scouts at Warrabunda Bush Camp) on the Scout promotional web page here

And Kara, Holly and Kolo here

And Dunc and Vivien again here

Many of our Scouts at Boree here

It’s an excellent compliment for us.

ScoutHike 2009 Comp – May 09

27 of our scouts headed to Belanglo State Forest to compete in ScoutHike 2009 against over 1000 scouts in nearly 200 patrols from all over NSW and all teams did remarkably well and most importantly they had a lot of FUN and learned a lot. The results are below:

3rd – Speedy Turtles (PL – Jess, APL – Darcie, Lachlan, Kiel, Kathryn) – Gold Trophy
11th – Penguins (PL – Bridget, APL – Vivien, Jake J, Robert, Jordan) – Gold Trophy
21st – Lizards (PL – Sonik, Alex, Emilie, Eleanor) – Silver Trophy
26th – Quokkas (PL – Cam B, APL – Nathan, Jack, Shaun, Tim and Mitch) – Silver Trophy
UNK – Red Backs (PL – Chris, APL – Duncan, Thomas, Jake M) – Bronze Trophy

The key is all our Scouts had FUN and we saw excellent effort demonstrated by most of our scouts and great to see our skills were proven against the best in the state.

Working Bee – May 09

A BIG thanks to all those parents that came and worked hard on our hall tidying, cleaning and organising. Our hall now looks prestine.