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Joey Mob visit Frank Vickery – Apr 09

The 1st Caringbah Joey mob went to Frank Vickery Village to visit the locals just prior to Easter. They did craft with the residents where they coloured in pictures which then had to match with the residents picture as well as creating cut out stars which they swapped. This event made up part of their “caring and sharing badge”.

It was great to see the young children interacting so well with the elderly – both young and old had things that they liked in common – like eating pizza.


Family Camp Canberra – Apr 09

Over 70 1st Caringbah scout and family members made the long haul down to Canberra to enjoy a weekend camping at Scout Camp Cottermouth. Oh what FUN we had. Some of the highlights included:
1. Blue Tongue explaining how he was finding it hard to find the camp in the pitch black and rain on the Friday night so he chased after a police car, flashed his lights and pulled them over for directions, and then watched them nervously step out of the Police car with hands on pistols! – hilarious.
2. Attending the thought provoking dawn service with 30,000 others at the War Memorial
3. 1st Caringbah and 1st Lilli Pilli leading and marching in the HUGE parade. What an experience of a lifetime. (see Badgers seperate post)
4. Running around at 1am re-pegging and tying down our own and group tents in 45 knot gusts and cold puring rain. It was 4oC the morning after!
5. Dropping down that Questacon slide – yeeeee haaaaa
6. Experiencing a 6.2 earthquake in Questacon.
7. Arrving home sweet home.
What a great camp – see you at the Scout Hike 2009 competition next weekend.

Canberra ANZAC Parade – Apr 09

All youth members and leaders from 1st Caringbah Scouts played a key role in the ACT ANZAC DAY march, when an ACT organisational problem left the parade short of sign-bearers. The bearers were needed to ‘name-plate’ each military section as it marched.

Two ACT Rover Scouts, left to cover the gap, realised that 1st Caringbah and 1st Lili Pilli could make up the serious shortfall. As a result, 1st Caringbah members were able to march past the Governor General, Quentin Bryce and many appreared on national as well ACT and regional TV stations. All members were a great credit to the march as well as to our Group and are to be congratulated for surviving the bitter wind and showers in only their uniform.
We are hopeful that the march was captured by a Lilli Pilli leader on video, who has offered to copy it and there may be many single pictures from bystanding scout parents, to be added to this website.

In addition, 1st Caringbah attended the dawn service and had breakfast that morning at Campbell High School, cooked by ACT scouts.
Extreme weather conditions caused cancellation of the campfire that night and families in tents experienced storm conditions over Saturday night.
In spite of this, spirits remained high and some very worthwhile badgework was completed.
Thanks are particularly due to Kooka for organising and oveseeing the camp, to Dingo for his work in the camp set-up and take-down and to both of them for their huge efforts in the night storm.

Photos are to come!

Scouts at SWASH – Apr 09

A gang of our Scouts headed to Sydney Harbour to try our hand on the fleet of sailing boats and canoes they have at the scout centre, plus the highlight for many was the wrestling on the pier at the end. Happy Days!