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Scout Surfing – December 2008

A few of our scouts joined a scout (Oliver) from 1st Lilli Pilli to ride the wild surf at Wanda Beach and what an excellent time we had. After surfing and then body surfing, we then picked up some coconuts we found and headed home to enjoy the sunshine and holiday.

Scouts ready to go

Dunc goin’ for it

Jake J showing how it’s done

Jess havin’ fun

Time to cool off

And some coconuts we found on the beach – very tasty

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Sea Biscuit and Gyro Night – December 2008

What a scream this night was. 3 speed boats blasted around Gunamatta river with Scouts skidding along behind them the older Scouts enjoying one of the newest water ski toys around “The Gyro” and everyone having a go on a sea biscuit. Plus a number of scouts qualified for their canoe/kayak pioneer level ready for the 2009 canoe camp. Bring it on.

Thomas and Ryan getting some BIG air

2 biscuits hammering around – that’s Dunc standing up in the background!

Hawks boat
Hawks boat full of happy Scouts

Holly and Trish rippin\' it up
Holly and Trish rippin it up

Damo, Jake and Dunc hanging on around the corners

Jess J in the gyro
Jess rotating in the Gyro!

Kieran and Thomas enjoying the bumps

Thomas again
Lachy gettin air in the gyro this time – FUN stuff

Vivien and Bridget – pure joy.