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Boree Regatta – Oct 08

Again, we had another very successful weekend with a lot of FUN for the 66 1st Caringbah Scout Group members who attended and again we brought home a stack of trophies and placings as follows:


1st place Sack Race

1st place Hop Step and Jump Relay

2nd place Synchronised Ski Race

3rd place Sack Race

3rd place Sand Sculpting

3rd place Marathon Walk


Winner of the Boree Knotting Challenge- Caitlin Leivesley

Ensign Shield – Boree Events Aggregate Points

1st place Raft Construction

1st place Hop Step and Jump Relay

2nd place Carry the torch

3rd place Biathlon Race 9 Years


Winner of the Boree Knotting Challenge- Jessica Juretic

Taren Point Shield – Raft construction & decoration –open

Wanda Shield – Canoe Race all ages aggregate points – open

Port Hacking Trophy – Biathlon –open

1st place Raft Construction

1st place Biathlon Juniors

1st place Biathlon Seniors

1st place Canoe Race 12 years

1st place Canoe Race 13 years

1st place Synchronised Ski Race

2nd place Raft Race Line Honours

2nd place Hop Step and Jump Relay

3rd place Canoe Race 10/11 Years

3rd place Shot Put Ballista -Restricted

3rd place Shot Put Ballista-open

3rd place Canoe Race 12 years

3rd place Canoe Race 13 years

It is great to see we won the raft construction trophy demonstrating we are improving our construction and knotting skills to a very high level. A big “BRAVO” must go to Chris B who made an excellent Olympic flag which really decorated our raft well.

A HUGE thanks also goes to Kooka for all the organising he did to bring it all together and all the other leaders and parents who worked in the back and foreground to make it happen.

We had a great time.

Joeys use teamwork in the ski race

Cubs enjoying some Canoe racing

Cubs pulling hard

1st Caringbah Cubs lead the way

The water Tug-o-war was excellent fun.

Winners of the life line throwing heat Alex, Keiran, Darcie, Bridget, Vivien and Kara.


Lachy, Jake and Kara busy constructing the raft.

Jessie J putting the finishing touches on.

The finished product constructed by Tristain, Lachlan, Cam C, Kara,

Jess and Jake J with a first place out of 28 rafts!

On the start line

Our racers brought us in 2nd out of 28 teams – BRAVO.

Please excuse a bit of repetition while we try a few different Gallery options below.

It was great FUN.

Winners are Grinners – 7 trophies to take home in 2008

Boree Regatta – Oct ’08

We prepared really hard for this event and it paid off handsomely. We had to perform in many different areas likes fire lighting, building rafts, making ballista’s, knotting races, muffin eating races, canoing and kayaking. 1st Caringbah managed to win 7 of the 9 trophies available to the Scout Troop and the Cubs and Joey’s did us proud. Great FUN.

Another extremely successful Borree Regatta