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Laser Tag – Sep 09

We had a great time at Laser Tag

More of the gang – gunned up and dangerous

Fathers & Harleys – Sep 08

We invited the Ulysees Biker Club to come around and show us their incredibly powerful motorbikes and teach us about bike safety.

We were lucky enough to have some Harleys along for the evening and man were they LOUD!

Our “bikers” for the night

1300cc motorbike – loads of power

Alex and Barra enjoy the ride

Jake C and Cam B lovin’ it

Kara and Dad sizing up the bike

Cam C and Dad love their motorbikes

Justin and Dad – love the variety of scouts

Holly and her dad enjoying Scouts

Tim and his old man enjoy the Harley

1st Caringbah Scout Group Fair 2008 – 8th August 2008

Badger at Brownsea – Sep 08

Our illustrious Group Leader “Badger” has travelled 1000’s of kilometres to England and worn our precious 1st Caringbah scarf at the birthplace of scouting – at the ‘Scout Stone’ on Brownsea Island- by me—-in the pouring rain!! (typical English weather).