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Scouting Sunrise – June 2008

A gaggle of Joeys, Cubs and Scouts headed into Sydney city to celebrate 100 years of scouting in Australia.

Tar and Feather Night – June 2008

The last night of each term is always known for its FUN and the end of Term 2 lived up to its reputation! After constructing the rope and pine pole bridge, each of patrols had to get across whilst being pelted with flour bombs, water bombs and shaving foam. For some reason some of the scouts encroached a lot closer when the leaders had a go at crossing! Wait ’til next term and we will get our own back!

Check out a video below:

Scout Leadership Course – 28-29 June 2008

3 of our senior Scouts, Alex, Damo and Jess headed out to Lucas Heights to attend a 2 day course to learn leadership skills and some Patrol system methods.

Check out a video of the weekends fun below

We are happy to report all passed and developed themselves in the process.

Region Camp Gathering – 6-9 June 2008

Check out a video of the weekends fun below

Over 30 of our Scouts, Leaders, Cubs and even some Joeys headed South to Cataract Park to enjoy a weekend of Camping and fun along with 800 other Scouts from all round the South Metropolitan Region and what an excellent time they had. Abseiling and flying foxes presented lots of adventure and excitement along with many of the other activities enjoyed by all our Scout members. The campfires and sing songs were enjoyed by all.

Tyler achieved a double whammy this weekend when he made his promise to be a Scout and then backed it up with the “Best Campcraft” prize for the weekend. Excellent work Tyler. Plus well done Cameron B and Vivien who both won the “Best Scouting Attitude” Awards for their positive and dynamic involvement throughout the whole weekend. Congrats to all those who did the whole weekend and have now qualified for the “3 nights under canvas” ready for Jamboree 2010.

Check out all the photographs below

Much FUN was had by 1st Caringbah Scout Group

Leonie sumo wrestling

Our Site?
Our tents being put to good use!

Dining Area
The dining area

abseil pana view
Ingenious abseil platform

Even queing can be FUN
Even Queing can be FUN

Ronan Abeils
Ronan Abseils – Age 8

Caitlin enjoys the view - Age 8
Caitlan enjoys the view – Age 8

Johnnie and Amy Abseil - Aged 6
Johnnie and Amy Abseil – Aged 6

FUN Campfire Songs
FUN Campfire Songs

Excellent Lead Singer!
Excellent Lead Singer!

Delicious Damper cooked on the Campfire
Delicious Damper cooked on the Campfire

Barra resting his eyelids
Barra Resting his eyelids

Morning Mist
Morning Mist

Home made cart
Scouts improvise – beats TV and playstation!