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Group Snow Camp 2010

Check out the new video we just made up of the group snow camp in August 2010.

‎1st Caringbah Venturers and Scouts headed out to the Snowy Mountains to enjoy a Snow Camp that will be remembered forever! We snow shoed up through the clouds close to Mt Kosciusko, dug ourselves some snow caves (whilst weathering a -16oC wind chill factor), slept in the snow caves, enjoyed a fantastic morning air boar…ding (so muc…h fun), snow shoed back down to Thredbo, joined the rest of the 42 strong 1st Caringbah group to ski and snowboard over the weekend, enjoyed some EXCELLENT night skiing and wrapped up with snow tubing. Sooooo much adventure and so much FUN. I’m really looking forward to the next trip! HUGE thanks to Bruce Easton as our Wilderness expert for coaching us so effectively plus Bridget and LeeAnn on our support team.  Baggy

1st Caringbah Scouts: A Look Back

Check out the attached video made up by one of our Venturers Nathan Leivesley. It shows a lot of our Venturers and scouts enjoying our actvities through the years. Be sure to watch in full screen.

1st Caringbah Scout Fair -22 August

Come and join in the FUN and bring ALL your friends

This Fair isn’t just big its HUGE

Check out the video of 2008s fair for a taste of whats to come.
Rear of 6 Castlenau st, Caringbah
Amusement Rides, Carnival Games
Animal farm, Large obstacle jumping castles
Pony rides, Dodgem cars
Market stalls, Chair-o-plane
Showbags, Sizzler
Yummy food, Tea cups
Fairy floss, Giant slide
Snowcones, Boats
Wristbands can be purchased on the day for unlimited rides at $25.00 each.
Contact Cathy 0425260538 for more information.

Scouts – Challenge Camp Video

Check out the Challenge Camp Video – loadsa FUN

1st Caringbah Scout Fair – 16 Aug

Come and join in the FUN and bring ALL your friends

11am to 3pm

This Fair isn’t just big its HUGE

Check out the video of last years Fair for a taste of whats to come.

Rear of 6 Castlenau St, Caringbah

Amusement Rides  Carnival games

Animal farm Large obstacle jumping castle

Pony rides Dodgem cars

Market stalls Chair-o-plane

Show bags Sizzler

Yummy Food Tea cups

Fairy floss Giant slide

Snow cones Boats

Purchase tickets from your leader.




Wristbands purchased on the day will be $25.00 each.

Contact Cathy 0425260538 for more information

Scout Canoe Camp Video, May 09

They’re coming thick and fast. Here’s a video (compliments of Nathan L) of our excellent canoe camp in March. Man it was great to go to such a beautiful remote spot. In the words of Jim Grant (Keiran’s dad) – “Happy Days”. 🙂

Scout 4th Kingsgrove Visit Video

Nathan L has been busy making these excellent videos. One of the visit to Kingsgrove can be viewed below. Enjoy

Newnes bush camp video – Nov 08

Check out the new Newnes video from Bush Camp. (Thanks for creating this Nathan L).

Scout Canoe Camp, Tallowa Dam – Mar 09

32 intrepid members of 1st Caringbah Scouts headed down to Kangaroo Valley to enjoy a weekend Canoe Camp. We stayed at Beela’s farm on the Friday night before heading down to the dam armed with kayaks and canoes galore. We then headed off in the delightful warm conditions to enjoy a 32 km paddle out to Fossikers flat and back. Check out the photos in our gallery

NSW State Rally – Aug 08

WOW, what an incredible weekend with every single Scout doing their best, learning and most important of all having a stack of FUN. And to top it all off, the Speedy Turtles Patrol (Jessica J, Cameron B, Kathryn, Jake C and Jordan) astounded us all by winning the whole event with nothing short of exceptional leadership and teamwork. And not only that we also had excellent results from Goanna Gangsters (Bridget, Nathan L, Jake J and Tyler) coming 4th in South Metropolitan Region, Sonik’s Hedgehogs (Sonik, Cameron M, Lachlan, Shaun, Tim and Robert) placed 5th in South Metropolitan and finally Beavers Bandits (Chris B, Vivien, Darcie and Duncan) pulled out a 7th place (out of 28) in South Metropolitan – brilliant work one and all.

The 1st Caringbah NSW State Rally Team

A video of the whole event

Goanna Gangsters – 4th in South Metropolitan Region

Soniks Hedghogs – 5th in South Metropolitan Region

Beavers Bandits being briefed by Chris B

Speedy Turtles beat 729 Scouts to become the NSW State Champions – Winners are grinners

Jake and Jordan looking forward to a nice warm nights sleep!

Speedy Turtles cooking up a storm.

Cam might have dressed in the dark! 🙂

Tyler, Jake and Nathan L tieing round lashings